Construyendo Puentes de Igualdad

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 2012, Michelle traveled as a U.S. Cultural Envoy to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She worked with the community from the Talleres Protegidos de Rehabilitacion an institution that joins the Mental Health of the Ministry of Health, Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Talleres was established over 40 years and provides outpatient treatment of psychosocial rehabilitation for people with severe mental illness. The center is based on the pursuit of development of the patient's health potential to prevent psychiatric hospitalizations or readmissions and encourage personal, social and community integration.

The mural represents the community's messages about combating stereotypes related to mental health. The images in the mural represent hope in the midst of isolation and discrimination.

A total of 40 participants worked with Ortiz in the creation of a 30' x 114' mural. I trained local artists from the Plataforma Mapa of the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño- Juan Dolhare, Victoria Iriondo y Federico Mattioli .

This project also received support by the city of Buenos Aires and the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño de Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires, Argentina