Somos Regla

Havana, Cuba

Somos Regla is a public art project in Regla (Havana, Cuba) Michelle led with the support of Meridian International Center's Community Engagement through the Arts program in 2016. Cuba is one of eight countries selected by Meridian.

Regla, one of 15 municipalities in Havana. Based on her conversations with the community, She worked with local artists to design a mural that depicts "la vida cotidiana" the essence of Regla. Regla is a deeply spiritual place and that is reflected by the Afro-Cuban community. It is also a municipality with little resources, where they continue to struggle to have constant access to water and have homes that are deteriorating. Even through the struggles, Regla is a place filled with light and life within the people that call this place their home.

The mural site is located in the outdoor community space where the pioneers of Cuban Hip Hop, Obsesion, continue to hold their weekly spoken word/ hip hop events for over 20 years.

Over 30 volunteers of all ages helped paint the 60' long mural. The mural represents a young boy fishing, the lancha (boat) the main means of transportation, the ocean, and of course the Virgen de Regla/ Yemaya in the center. The mural also includes an image of a young Afro-Cuban girl, Carla, representing the many children in the streets playing hide and seek. An image of a hand lighting a candle is also represented in the mural to symbolize faith, a wish, and the power to create light when we encounter darkness.