Quizás Mañana

Solo Exhibition

Quizás Mañana (Maybe Tomorrow), is a body of new work that examines the power of familial connection, place, and story.  This exhibition features a new installation, light boxes, and paintings that speak of “visual artifacts,” items that Michelle sees imbued by the characteristics of the person who used them.

Michelle's work in the show expresses the pain and the hopes that are carried from one generation in a family to the other.  It discusses the anguish of loss and the reconciliation that is brought about through memory.  Her work through light hints at the promise that the future will bring.  It also discusses the bonds of motherhood that is passed to daughters.

The title of the exhibition is a reference to the phrase “Quizás Mañana Nuestro Llanto Queda Atrás” from the song “Amor Adios” a song that her father used to sing.  It is a ballad of longing and a wish that the person returns to a better time without suffering.  It was the song that he sang to his father who lived a difficult life.

2600 North 5th Street, Philadelphia PA 19133