Living Walls, The City Speaks

Immigrant stories in Buford Highway/ Atlanta

Living Walls, The City Speaks, is an annual conference on street art and urbanism that began in August 2010 in the city of Atlanta. As well as showcase art, Living Walls aims to promote dialogue within the community.

This year they partnered with We Love BuHi to bring installations and art to the Buford Highway area. Michelle is one of the featured artists creating public art works highlighting the immigraiton narratives of the community there. 

The families that she connected with during her time there face the risk of deportation, displacement, and lack of educational resources for their children. A group of mothers, 'Las Chicas del Clan', are the inspiration for Michelle's mural. The women gather and support each other. The image of one of the mothers, Isaura, is depicted in the mural with her eyes closed imagining a life with out fear. She shared, "My children give me strength." Strength, dignity, love, family, and courage accompany her image on the 120' wall along Buford Highway in the Farmer's Market Northeast Plaza.