Leeway Day: Join Michelle and Anula Shetty and Betty Leacraft

Join us Saturday, October 6 for LEEWAY DAY, a full day of workshops, a guided tour by Leeway’s executive director Denise Brown, and an amazing talk with featured artists.


Artists Talk: Collaborative Installation with One is Part of the Many


Collaborators Anula Shetty, Betty Leacraft, & Michelle Ortiz; Colored Girls Museum curators Vashti DuBois & Syd Carpenter; and Day of the Dead installation artist Erika Guadalupe Nuñez. Moderated by by artist and artblog managing editor Imani Roach.


documentary film    
Presented by Familias Separadas
Familias Separadas - Harrisburg - Michelle Angela Ortiz
Public Art    
Stories of Family Detentions and Deportations
Flores de Libertad - photo: Dave Tavani - artist: Michelle Angela Ortiz

Photo: Dave Tavani

Public Art    
Creative Action Against Family Detention
"Seguimos Caminando"
Public Art    
A Moving Monument to the Mothers at Berks
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