Leeway Day: Join Michelle and Anula Shetty and Betty Leacraft

Join us Saturday, October 6 for LEEWAY DAY, a full day of workshops, a guided tour by Leeway’s executive director Denise Brown, and an amazing talk with featured artists.


Artists Talk: Collaborative Installation with One is Part of the Many


Collaborators Anula Shetty, Betty Leacraft, & Michelle Ortiz; Colored Girls Museum curators Vashti DuBois & Syd Carpenter; and Day of the Dead installation artist Erika Guadalupe Nuñez. Moderated by by artist and artblog managing editor Imani Roach.


"Las Madres de Berks" Documentary
Public Art    
Presented by Familias Separadas
Familias Separadas - Harrisburg - Michelle Angela Ortiz
Public Art    
Stories of Family Detentions and Deportations
Flores de Libertad - photo: Dave Tavani - artist: Michelle Angela Ortiz

Photo: Dave Tavani

Public Art    
Creative Action Against Family Detention
"Seguimos Caminando"
Public Art    
A Moving Monument to the Mothers at Berks
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